giovedì 2 giugno 2016

Our last work before the end of school

We have been working around the topic of time, and this video is about some activities we developed.

We edited a calendar for you:
we built it in the computer lab using a virtual learning environment. It was fun.
If you want to see how we did it, have a look at the following link:

Here are the calendars:

From this links you can download the pdf of our calendars:

Have a Happy Summer Holiday!!!

mercoledì 4 maggio 2016

After a while Carbonera and Hilversum schools get it touch again!

Italian and Dutch students (Italian classes 4 and Dutch group 6) have sent each other nice letters contained in bottles and in rucksacks.
Very exciting!

venerdì 12 giugno 2015

Marina in Holland

Today Mrs Marina Prete is in Hilversum: she is visiting the Titus Brandma School and its nice teachers and students!

lunedì 20 aprile 2015

Ingrid in Italy

Mrs Ingrid Gill is in Italy for a Job shadowing project and all children are happy to meet her for the first time "in the flesh" :)

domenica 28 dicembre 2014

Merry Christmas.... in Dutch!

Grade 4A and 4B from Carbonera Primary School
wish you all a very merry Christmas, singing in Dutch (or a kind of Dutch :D )
(click on the following picture)

lunedì 22 dicembre 2014

Wishing you a Merry Christmas in our native language ! Classes 2 H and I

domenica 21 dicembre 2014

Class 2 H wishes you a Merry Christmas from Postioma Secondary School !